Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli Interview Part 2

Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli Interview

Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli
Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli

“Improving upon security standards for businesses in Indonesia is a step that needs to be taken for the country to reach the next stage in its development.”

Ir Sanny Suharli, Founder & Chairman-

How does Professtama Development Group differentiate itself among providers of security products and services?

Competition in this industry is intense, though this tends to be the case for most sectors in Indonesia. To stand apart from our competitors, we prioritize technology and are committed to research and development to find new, innovative security solutions. We are also active in collaborating with international companies to further our capabilities and solidify our standing as a representative for major foreign brands such as Samsung and Taiko.

Where do you see the most potential for your group’s diverse array of products in the future?

Locally, we see potential in the market for products such as baby monitors, given the prevalence of families in Indonesia hiring baby-sitters and nannies to look after their children. From a health products point of view, collagen drinks are now increasingly popular as part of a daily wellness routine.

On the international stage, we expect to continue collaborating with partners in Australia and Singapore for our security services including forensics, specifically in the domain of explosives and narcotics.

How does your company plan to innovate and introduce new products to the market?

Our innovation strategy varies depending upon the intended target market. For example, for home or household users we are focused on developing high quality security systems offered at affordable prices. In this regard, working with recognised brands such as Samsung has proven to be an effective way to achieve this goal. We have also implemented a customer friendly payment system whereby we are open to receiving payment in instalments through cooperation with well-established banks.

For our corporate clients such as banks, we have invested in bringing over 360 degree surveillance cameras with no blind spots from the UK-based firm Oncam Grandeye to streamline security systems. This technology allows for the use of one camera in place of five conventional cameras, and we will offer this technology to existing customers.


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