Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli Interview Part 3

Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli Interview

Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli
Dr. Ir. Sanny Suharli

“Improving upon security standards for businesses in Indonesia is a step that needs to be taken for the country to reach the next stage in its development.”

Ir Sanny Suharli, Founder & Chairman-

How is Professtama Development Group positioned towards cooperation with foreign partners and international investors?

Much of our company’s current technological expertise and approach to management was learned from foreign firms. Adapting international systems to the local culture has proven to be a successful strategy in Indonesia. As a company able to offer an experienced understanding of how best to operate in this market, we welcome foreign investors and partners.

We are particularly interested in technical partnerships. Though we have increasingly begun to manufacture security products locally, this accounts for only 10% of our total systems. We are thus seeking to cooperate with partners able to provide technology not yet available in Indonesia, in addition to expertise in developing and using the new tech.

Should the new government follow through on its goals of encouraging transparency across all sectors, better enforcing existing regulations and implementing more straightforward legal frameworks; we expect there to be even more opportunities to work with foreign entities in the future.

As a final message what would you like Global Business Guide’s readers to remember about Indonesia?

As a member of several industry organisations such as the Indonesian Security Enterprises Organisation, I welcome foreign entities to the country and suggest that they work with local companies. It is our belief that opening the door to further investment will accelerate Indonesia’s continued economic growth and advancement.

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